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Bitmap compression

The PNG format is lossless and is best for line diagrams and blocks of colour. The JPEG format is lossy, but may be useful for image plots, for example. BMP is a standard format on Windows. TIFF is a meta-format: the default format written by tiff is lossless and stores RGB (and alpha where appropriate) values uncompressed—such files are.

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Dynamic compression occurs on-the-fly. The user makes a request, the content is compressed (as the user waits) and the compressed content is served. Static compression is when assets are compressed on the disk ahead of the user's request. When the user requests an asset, compression doesn't happen. The pre-compressed asset is simply served. When I convert a DIB to a HBITMAP using CreateDIBitmap, it works fine if the DIB has no compression associated with it. However if the DIB has compression (YUY2), then CreateDIBitmap returns NULL and GetLastError() returns 0. Any ideas on how to get CreateDIBitmap to work with the YUY2 compressed DIB?.

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Bitmap File Header . A Bitmap File Header is similar to other file headers used to identify the file. Since there are different variants to BMP file format, the first 2 bytes of the BMP file format are character "B" and then character "M" in ASCII encoding. All integer values are stored in little-endian format.

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Setting the Lightroom quality to 70, for example, results in the exact same output as setting it to 76, or anything in between. 7 is the same as zero, and 93 is the same as 100. The full mappings are shown in the examples below. Those familiar with Photoshop will recognize 13 as the number of quality settings in Photoshop's Save-as-JPEG option.

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Compression reduces the disk and memory storage required for the bitmap. When the Compression member of the bitmap information header structure is BI_RLE8, a run-length encoding (RLE) format is used to compress an 8-bit bitmap. This format can be compressed in encoded or absolute modes. Both modes can occur anywhere in the same bitmap:.

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